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Programs in this area develop fitness, positive use of leisure time, skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment, and social and interpersonal skills. 

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Triple Play: A Game plan for the Mind, Body, & Soul

The goal of Triple Play is to improve Club members’ knowledge of healthy habits, good nutrition and physical fitness; increase the number of hours per day they participate in physical activities; and strengthen their ability to interact positively with others and engage in healthy relationships.


Yoga is run twice a week for k-5th grade Club members. Global Breath Studio and MindBody Centering Yoga take the kids through age-appropriate exercises for the mind and body. Thank you to Duke University, The Forest at Duke, the Durham Merchant’s Association, and Burt’s Bees for their support of this program.

Outdoor Field Trips

This initiative is a collaborative effort between BGCDOC, the Triangle Land Conservacy, and The Walking Classroom. Club members gain an appreciation of nature’s subtle beauty and quiet strength via nature hikes and outdoor education.

Kid’s Self-Defense

This self-defense programming is run by Krav Maga Instructor, Jaimie Lee of the Training Grounds. Club members learn how to protect themselves and their loved ones from potential harm.

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